Saving means different things to each of us. You might want to make a drastic change, like cutting your grocery bill for a family of four from $200 a week to $50 a week. Is that doable? It sure is, but to save $150 each week, be prepared to spend several hours a week planning, organizing and clipping! Maybe you just want to shave $20 or $30 off your weekly spending, then you can do that within a few minutes and with simply printing coupons right here on our site and liking our Facebook page, so you see our updates and deals.

Saving is very personal, and for me, it all started with “let me see if I can figure out this couponing thing”. It was summer, and I was off, so I asked experienced couponistas how to coupon. Within 3 weeks, I had my first LIFE-CHANGING Publix trip. I paid just over $4 for about $69 in groceries! After unpacking the groceries, we went to celebrate at Beni Hana’s Happy Hour…for us, we coupon on the boring stuff like laundry detergent, so we have extra to spend on the fun stuff…like sushi! :)


It took some time to learn, and I am so happy that I learned to use coupons. I have saved thousands thanks to using coupons, and it became sort of a hobby of mine. If you want to learn the basics of how to coupon, read on…Here is Sexy Saving’s Step-by-Step guide: How to Coupon: Sexy Saving 101.


If you would rather learn with in-person lessons, or live video lessons, then email Sexy Saving for rates.