How to Read Like the Cool Kids


What is the best way to read? How about reading any book you want with the convenience of a Kindle? And why not sweeten your reading session, by relaxing in a lightweight hammock you can hang in under five minutes?

Relax and get $30 off Kindle, for a limited time for Prime members on Amazon! Choose from the basic model, the Kindle PaperWhite or the Kindle Voyage. Prices start at just $49, with these savings.

That’s my nephew, Will, chilling in his hammock, using his Kindle. He’s got the basic version, and he absolutely loves it. He’s a no-frills kinda kid! :)

Read like the cool kids…on your kindle…maybe even swinging from your hammock! It fits right in your backpack, has its own nifty carrying baggy, and with the $30 you save on the Kindle, it’s like getting your hammock for free.

Ah, I feel relaxed just thinking about reading like this! :)

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