Day 2: How To Organize Coupons

Now that you have started to get your newspaper coupons, store coupons, peelies, and blinkies, how on Earth do you keep them all organized? How to organize couponsĀ is a vital part of couponing. For me, not having a quick organization method is what made me give up on using coupons time after time! Here’s how to do and not lose your coupons (or your sanity)!

There are two main methods for organizing coupons, and I believe that a blend of both work best. The two main methods for how to organize couponsĀ are the binder method and the filing method.

binder-closedBinder Method: For this method, you clip your coupons and organize based on category (like cleaners, dairy, meats, etc). The number of categories is up to you. Some people find it helpful to organize their categories based on the aisles in the store. I have used this method in the past, and I no longer use it because I think it takes a lot more time than the Filing Method. It is also more tedious when it comes time to getting rid of your expired coupons.


My sexy binder! Here is how I made my binder:

  • 3-ring binder (from Staples, $5.99)
  • 8 Disk-holder plastic sleeves (from ebay, $11 for 100 sleeves) (6-pockets per page, made to hold 3.5 inch disks. You can use baseball card sleeves also)
  • Stickers with letters A-Z (I used some scrapbook stickers I had, you can grab some from the dollar store, or just write the letters on each pocket) Note: Leave the top two sleeves unlabelled on all pages; for example, the first page has letters A-D only (of the 6 pockets, the top 2 are left blank (and empty), and the bottom 4 pockets are labelled A, B, C and D (you place coupons in each based on brand). For example, Charmin coupons go in pocket “C”. You can also organize based on category, as mentioned above. It’s all up to personal preference, and what works best for you.

Filing Method: This method allows you to only clip your coupons when you need them. What you do is file your inserts based on their date. If you are unsure of the date, look on the fold of the insert. It is printed there in a small font.

insert-fold-date_eSimply label a file folder with the insert name and date. (In the picture, the date is 6/1.) You also write the name of the insert: Smart Source, Red Plum or Proctor & Gamble. When it comes time to get rid of your expired coupons, you just toss the folder, all at once.
This makes so much sense because when it is time to find a coupon, the sites (just like we do) will list the coupon you need along with the insert name and date. This makes locating your coupons a snap!

To see which inserts to keep and which ones to toss, head over to our Expired Coupons and Insert list! We update it every couple of months.

Which method of how to organize coupons is best?

That all depends on you! It depends on your personality and how much time you want to spend. I love spending only 5 minutes on Sundays to file my coupon inserts, but on the days I don’t feel like bringing my files means I miss out on clearance deals!
Did you know that military families can use coupons for up to six months AFTER they expire? Yep! It’s true! Sexy Saving sends expired coupons to the Rojas family over in Japan! You can be connected with a military family to send coupons to here at Coups for Troops!


Military families can use your expired coupons!