Day 1: Get Some.

When I’m out shopping, the most common question I get is “How did you get those coupons?!”
No sexy secrets here…coupons are available in so many places that it is beyond simple to get them.

1. Print Coupons: This is, by far, the easiest and most convenient way to get coupons. Click to print them right here on our site. Since internet coupons are usually limited to 2 prints per machine, you may use multiple computers to get prints of coupons for items you want to stock up on!


2. Newspapers: Buy the paper, and you will find coupon inserts over the weekend! In the paper, you may see flyers for deals on subscribing which saves you a trip to the store to buy the paper! Recently, I saw a Sun-Sentinel deal for Sunday delivery for $10 for the year! That’s just $.17 a week! You may want to search on Living SocialGroupon or Retail Me Not to see if there is a coupon code for a deal on the paper in your area.

pizza_pq_palermo_exp04-033. Front of the Store/Customer Service: When you walk into Publix, you will see a large turn-style that has the weekly sale paper. Guess what, there are sometimes store coupons in the weekly sale paper! Also, at Publix, ask at customer service for the purple HEALTH AND BEAUTY flyers (toiletries, cleaners, and non-food items) and green GROCERY ADVANTAGE BUY flyers (food items, and food-related stuff like zip-loc bags). These are store flyers with store coupons.
At Walgreens, there is a monthly coupon booklet kept next to the sale papers at the front of the store.


4. Throughout the Store: You may find stands that have coupons. You will also see what are called “Blinky” machines, the little black boxes that spit out coupons. Maybe you will find a tearpad of coupons near an item that the coupon is for. And if the coupon gods are smiling on you, you might see a “peelie” which is a coupon that is on a sticker on the product itself. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

store coupon standBlinkie Machinepeelie_right-guard





Stand with Coupons                     Blinkie Machine                               Peelie

Now, that you’re a pro on getting coupons, stay tuned. Click here for Day 2: Organization is the name of the game.